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Slow and Easy: Whistler Winter Driving Tips

Whistler Winter Driving Tips

Taking a winter vacation at Whistler is very exciting especially when the winter driving conditions calls for being calm, cool as well as calculated driving on roads leading to Whistler accommodations. The major problem in the area comes from vehicles that are not properly equipped with the right tires to grip on the snowed roads. The cars need all-season tires that are mud as well as snow rated having a 3.5mm tread depth. To be safe for the winter vacation,it is recommended that all vehicles have true winter tires that ought to have the mountain snowflake symbol on them. Other than having winter tires travelers needs to take some extra time to care about the speed.

We have composed a given number of tips that will be precious for winter driving safety.

Winter tires with a mountain snowflake symbol

As mention above winter tires are very crucial regarding winters driving. It is worth driving home twice during the winter. If your travel car lacks winter tires that are in good condition, then you will be liable to yourself as well as everyone using the Whistler roads. Last year while heading to Whistler Blackcomb hotels using a four wheel drive that lacked proper rubber, and the entire car could do spin on the snowed road. The vehicle four tires are spinning out instead of the two, if your car lacks real tires then take a bus to Whistler accommodations, checkout this website!

Watch your speed

Adverse weather condition calls for speed control. This is a no brain aspect. All the same you are very excited to get to Whistler as well as hit the hot tub with cold refreshment of Whistler Blackcomb hotels. You need to understand clearly that speed on slick roads does not mix at all. Along Whistler Blackcomb, you will find speed limits signs all over the roads. Paying attention to the signs will cost you nothing, without forgetting to err on the side of the caution.

Avoid sudden moves

Did you know that sudden braking or even accelerating cause skids, as well as slides? Sudden swerves are also very dangerous. There’s always a zen to safe winter driving as well as all its hinges on intelligent foresight and significant awareness. To actually drive along the Whistler road especially the road leading to Whistler Blackcomb hotels then you requisite to be a road ninja who can predict problem before they arise as well as take immediate actions before it’s too late to act.check the site:

Check on the passing lanes

In Whistler Blackcomb as well as other British Columbia highways with two lanes in the same direction, the right path is designed for regular driving and left is meant for passing you should not drive on the left lane unless you are overtaking. The rule is so important as driving in the incorrect lane irritates the other drivers as well as leads to unsafe actions like passing on the inside or even following too closely. All roads especially those that drive to the busy village of Whistler Blackcomb hotels must be used in regard to the rule.

Whistler Winter Driving Tips

To ensure that your journey to Whistler Blackcomb is safe and very enjoyable then, you have to take care on the driving by safe following distance. At all time when you are in Whistler Blackcomb then know what to expect in the area from the Mountain FM that is the local Sky radio station that is the best source of road as well as weather conditions updates for Whistler Blackcomb hotels areas.The snowplows are very enormous hence the way is safer although there are still the giant beasts of the metal having huge blades on the front hence avoid driving too close to them.

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